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  • (C-CORP, S-CORP, LLC) Annual Corporate Income Tax Return

  • Corporate Sales Tax Return in 50 states

  • US-China Corporate Tax Planning

  • Corporate tax avoidance planning IRS

  • IRS Tax Audit Defense for fines Debt

  • treatment IRS payment plan

  • Obtaining tax documents from IRS



  • Individual income tax return

  • Personal tax ID application

  • Relevant tax treatment for buying, selling, renting, etc.

  • EB5, L1, H1, J1 tax declaration

  • Overseas income and asset taxation



The tax team of KE & ASSOCIATES CONSULTING INC has many years of rich experience in US taxation, focusing on the early tax planning and tax-saving strategy formulation of corporate taxation. The later tax filing phase assists enterprises to maximize corporate income tax under legal compliance. Since the tax law environment in which companies are located is constantly changing, our professional tax team keeps up with the latest US tax law policies to help companies and individuals deal with all tax law issues, such as: US corporate taxation, US and US corporate taxation, personal taxation and tax owed treatment and tax penalty waive. We will serve you in all aspects.

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